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By Laws

The Committee to Produce the Sean Patrick French
Memorial Run / Walk

Constitution and By Laws - Adopted 9/24/2002
Amended 1/8/2009

The mission of the Committee to Produce the Sean Patrick French Memorial Run/Walk (the Committee) is to produce an annual event, known as “Sean’s Run”, that will be designed to increase awareness about the problems and solutions of underage drinking and impaired driving and the lax use of seat belts by teens. The goal is to reduce the number teens who are injured or killed in car crashes.

The Committee was formed for the purpose of supporting and advancing the work of schools and youth serving organizations throughout the region in teaching teens about the dangerous consequences of underage drinking, impaired driving and the failure to use seatbelts.

The Committee and Sean’s Run were established in response to the tragic death of Sean Patrick French, the 17-year old Chatham High School junior, honor roll student, community volunteer and record-setting athlete who lost his life on January 1, 2002 as a passenger in a drunk-driving car crash. Another passenger, 17-yearold Ian Moore, sustained paralyzing injuries and is now a paraplegic. The driver was also 17-years old.

Car crashes are the number one cause of death for teenagers; nearly one third of all teenage drivers who crash have been consuming alcohol. Nearly 2/3 of all teens that perish in car crashes were not using seatbelts.

This data, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration underscores the importance of the Committee’s efforts in addressing this serious problem.

The annual Sean’s Run will include a 5K and One mile run / walk that are open to runners, joggers and walkers of all ages and abilities as well as various concurrent activities such as exhibits, speakers, a tribute to victims and survivors, a seat belt buckling contests and distribution of educational materials.

The Committee will promote their work through activities such as release of press alerts, articles and advertisements provided to the print and electronic media, maintaining a website, distributing flyers, participating in student assemblies, displaying banners and bill board advertisements.
To raise funds, the Committee will develop Sean’s Run sponsors, encourage contributions and charge participants an entry fee to participate in the 5K or One Mile run/walk. These revenues will cover the cost of the event and can be used to fund programs operated by schools and other organizations in the region to steer young people from underage drinking and impaired driving and to increase their use of seatbelts. Examples of such programs are driver’s education programs, SADD, MADD, RID, Stop-DWI and DARE. As a result, the mission of the event will be further reinforced.

By conducting the event in late April, Sean’s Run will serve as a pre-prom reminder to high school students from throughout the region about safe choices and the dangers of drinking and driving.

The Committee shall be representative of the community and can include youth, parents, educators, youth service professionals, law enforcement representatives, elected officials, business leaders, faith community representatives and other interested individuals.
The Committee will be responsible for such things as event planning, promotion, advertising, sponsorship development, event implementation and event operation.

An Honorary Board of Directors will be named by the Committee. Directors can be called upon as needed to the mission of the Committee.

The Committee and honorary Board of Directors shall be a volunteer citizen’s committee established under the auspices of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization, which has headquarters in Great Barrington, MA. The Foundation will extend its not-for-profit designation to the Committee receiving revenue designated by the Committee and paying Committee expenses and other appropriations as approved by the Committee in accordance with the Committee’s By-Laws.

The first Sean Patrick French Memorial Run/Walk was produced by the Committee in conjunction with the members of the CHS Class of 2003 (Sean and Ian’s class) on April 28, 2002. The inaugural Run/Walk attracted 1,208 entrants and raised $42,000. Half the funds were contributed to the Sean Patrick French Memorial Scholarship and the balance to the family of Ian Moore.

Adopted September 24, 2002
Amended September 14, 2006
Amended January 8, 2009

Article I

The name of this organization shall be: The Committee to Produce the Sean Patrick French Memorial Run/Walk. The short name shall be: The Sean’s Run Committee.

Article II
Committee Members – any member of the community, youth or adult, who is interested in actively supporting the purpose of the Committee and has been approved by the Officers, may join the Committee.

Honorary Board of Directors individuals, approved by the Committee, who represent a wide spectrum of the community such as business leaders, youth, elected officials, educators, youth service providers, faith community and law enforcement. Honorary Directors will provide the Committee with guidance and assistance about the event and the organization’s focus and emphasis.

Article III
The Officers of this organization shall be a General Chair, a Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and High School Student Liaison. Their terms of office shall be for one year.

Article IV
Duties of Members
Section I. Committee– members are directly responsible for the design, development, management and operation of Sean’s Run and all its associated activities. It will be the duty of all members to attend and participate in Committee meetings, assist/support at least one sub-committee, attend and participate in respective sub-committee meetings, complete various tasks related to producing Sean’s Run. Committee members are expected to take an active role in preparing for and operating Sean’s Run and its concurrent activities. They will elect the Officers, elect the Honorary Board of Directors and decide on an Estimated Annual Operating Budget and how to distribute money raised during Sean’s Run.
The Officers shall approve all Committee memberships and the term of membership. The Committee will be limited to thirty (30) members including up to eight (8) who are middle and/or high school students.
Section II. Honorary Board of Directors – these are honorary committee members available to provide the Committee with assistance and offer guidance as needed by the Committee. They are invited to participate in all Committee meetings and vote on all matters brought before the Committee.

The Officers shall identify and nominate the honorary Directors for approval by the Committee. The honorary Board of Directors shall be limited to ten (10) members, including at least one high school student.

Section III. Elections
The Officers shall be elected annually during the annual meeting of the Committee members. The members of the honorary Board of Directors shall be elected during the annual meeting and their term shall be for two-years.

Section IV. Meetings
The General Chair shall establish the dates, times and places for Committee meetings. There shall be at least 3 regular meetings throughout the year and one annual meeting of the Committee to be held within one month after the annual Sean’s Run.

Section V. General Chair and Vice Chair
The General Chair is a voting member and shall chair all meetings of the Committee. The General Chair shall set meeting dates and times, determine the business to be acted upon by the Committee, put to vote all questions which arise during meetings, name the members who are to sit on all sub-committees and provide direction and support to all sub-committees. The General Chair has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the organization, except in areas where the organization requires membership approval. The General Chair is to represent the organization and its decisions. In the absence of the General Chair, the Vice Chair shall chair all meetings and fulfill the duties of the General Chair.

Section VI.a. Treasurer
The Treasurer shall maintain the Committee’s Checking Account and receive receipts and bills specified by the General Chair or Vice Chair for payment and keep record of each, and conduct other duties as requested by the General Chair.

Section VI.b. Secretary
The Secretary or designee shall take notes of all Committee proceedings and make the notes available to all members of the Committee. The Secretary shall forward receipts and bills designated by the General Chair or Vice Chair to the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation (BTCF) in the format as prescribed by the Foundation and in accordance with the By-laws. The Secretary will receive correspondence from BTCF and maintain records of the Fund’s balance. Secretary will maintain all Committee records including a running account of expenses and conduct other duties as requested by the General Chair.

Section VII. High School Student Liaison
The High School Student Liaison shall be a Chatham High School student who will be responsible for communication between the Committee and various high school student organizations for the purpose of keeping the student body aware of event planning and to elicit participation by CHS students. The Liaison will also communicate with and invite the student bodies of other high schools to encourage their participation in Sean’s Run and all its associated activities.

Section VIII. Subcommittees
The General Chair shall appoint all subcommittees of the Committee.

Section IX. Expenditures and Appropriations
At the first meeting following the Annual Meeting the Committee shall approve an Estimated Annual Operating Budget for the following year. All expenditures of moneys to pay bills and expenses related to the operation, promotion and production of Sean’s Run included within the Estimated Annual Operating Budget may be paid by the Treasurer, or submitted to BTCF by the Secretary. Operating expenses that exceed the Estimated Operating Budget must be ordered and approved by two officers. All other appropriations, including the distribution of revenues in excess of expenses to schools and youth organizations to implement year-round programming must be approved by a majority vote of the Organizing Committee.

Section X. Quorum
One-fourth the total membership of the Committee shall be considered a quorum.

Section XI. Order of Business
• Meeting called to order
• Reading of minutes from previous meeting
• Communication
• Treasurer’s Report
• Secretary’s Report
• Report of Subcommittees
• Unfinished Business
• New Business
• Announcements
• Adjournment

Article V
Any amendments to these By-laws may be proposed at any meeting to be adopted by a majority vote of the Committee.




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