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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's new for the 16th Annual Sean's Run Weekend?
Building on our designation as Best Spring Community Event of Columbia County. We expanded for 2015 and 2016, and the event will be a hit with anyone who runs, walks, rides a bike or enjoys Zumba. Look for expanded refreshments and food court on both days. The Artists for Sean's Run will have creative and fun works of art at the finish of the 5k and mile course. The Berkshire Brazillian Bateria Drum Line will get your heart pumping for the 5k and mile runs, and our 16th Annual shirts promise to be real crowd pleasers!

Where can I park during the event?
Beginning in 2017, there will be no parking at the Chatham High School. All event attendees should park at the Chatham Fairgrounds. Enter the fairgrounds at Route 66 near Price Chopper. Allow enough time before your event(s) for the approximately 10 minute walk to Chatham High School.

How many people participated last year?
We had 1,820 total registrations last year between the 5K, Meghan’s Mile, Bike Rides, Zumbathon® and Special Needs Kids Race.

When did Sean’s Run become Sean’s Run Weekend?
Because we wanted to provide more activities that would allow more people to enjoy the fun and excitement of Sean’s Run, and to support our important cause, we added activities on Saturday beginning with the Super Saturday Run for Special Needs Kids in 2011.  Then we added the Zumbathon in 2012.  Bike Rides were added in 2013. Sean’s Run started as a 5K in 2002 and over the years we have also added the World Championship Battle of the Belts, Scholarships and Grants, Prevention Education Expo and Tribute to Victims of Drunk Driving.

What are the registration fees?

Saturday Activities
Before 4/1
4/1 – 4/25
4/26 – 4/29
Zumbathon® —age 13 and older
Bike Rides — age 13 and older for 10 and 20-mile rides. Age 18 and older for 50-mile ride.
Special Needs Kids Run

Sunday 5k & Meghan's Mile
By 3/31
4/1 – 4/25
4/26 – 4/29
Adult, 18 and Over
Youth, 6-17
Child, 5 and Under
Drunk Driving Victim/Survivor
Family (mom, dad, kids under 18)

What happens on Saturday?
On Saturday we host the Jaime's Race for People with Special Needs, the Sean’s Run Zumbathon® and Sean’s Ride.  Plus we have Packet Pick Up and last chance walk-in registration for the 5K and Meghan’s Mile.

What happens on Sunday?
On Sunday we host the 5K, Meghan’s Mile, the World Championship Battle of the Belts, a Prevention Education Expo, a Tribute to Victims of Drunk Drivers and recognition of our Scholarship and Grant winners.

I want to participate BOTH days, is there an entry fee for each day?
Yes.  There is a registration fee for the Bike Rides and the Zumbathon® on Saturday and a registration fee for the 5K and Meghan’s Mile on Sunday.  Participate BOTH days and you will enjoy double the fun and double amenities including different shirts for the different activities (we have Bike Rides shirts, Zumbathon® shirts and 5K/Mile shirts)

Are there different shirts for each activity?
Yes.  We have designed different shirts for the Bike Rides, the Zumbatho® and the 5K/Meghan’s Mile events.  Three different shirts.

Do I get a free T-shirt if I register? Anything else?
Yes, we have different shirts for each activity.  For the 5K and Meghan’s Mile, the first 1,400 entrants will get a special shirt.  The first 250 bicyclists who register for the Bike Rides will get a special Bike Ride jersey.  The first 60 that register for the Zumbathon® will get a special Zumbathon® shirt.  Plus the first 350 to show for the 5k and Mile packet pick up, on Saturday from 11 AM to 1 PM, will receive a special gift from Gator, the bed bug-sniffing beagle from Northeast Pest Control. At the conclusion of each activity on Saturday and Sunday participants will be treated to nutritional refreshments.

I like to walk, but I am not a runner– can I participate in the 5K or Mile?
Absolutely, nearly a quarter of all our entrants are walkers – all ages, all sizes! It’s all about the fun, and feeling the spirit! Feel free to walk in Meghan's Mile (11:30 AM) or the 5K (12 Noon). Will we see you there?

I can’t run, walk, bicycle or Zumba - but can I be a volunteer?
Yes, and we need all the help we can get. You can help in a number of areas, check out our Volunteers page.

What if I can’t make it to Sean’s Run Weekend, but I already paid?
Your registration fee is non-refundable. But remember, it will go to a good cause! If you e-mail us before the event and we will strive to set aside your t-shirt so you can pick it up at another time.

How does this event raise funds?
We couldn’t do it without our Presenting Sponsor, Dietz & Watson, and all our other sponsors and our contributors.  Entry fees do not cover the total cost of producing Sean’s Run Weekend.

We are fortunate to receive generous sponsorship from many (see our Sponsors page) and we receive donations from participants who add contributions to their entry fees.

The money we raise is used to for two purposes:
1) to fund programs in schools to combat underage drinking, impaired driving and lax use of seatbelts by teens, and 2) to award scholarships to deserving college-bond high school seniors.

Is underage drinking and lax use of seatbelts by teens a really a big problem?
It seems like every week newspapers report about car crashes and another young life cut short. Car crashes are the number one cause of death for teens. More than half of all their crashes involve underage drinking and 2/3 of teens killed in car wrecks were not using seat belts. Yes, this is a BIG problem.

I want to add a contribution to my entry fee – But where does the money go?
Your contribution will be put to good work. We give cash grants to youth groups, schools, MADD and RID located in our region to combat the problems of underage drinking, impaired driving and teens’ lax use of seat belts. Sean’s Run is much more than a once-yearly reminder about the dangers of underage drinking and impaired driving. We also award scholarships to deserving college-bound seniors. Thanks for considering the extra contribution.

What is the Zumbathon® on Saturday?
It is a 2-hour dance fitness party open to everyone 13 and over on Saturday, at the Chatham Elementary School gymnasium. You don’t need any Zumba experience – you can learn the moves on site. You will have a tremendous workout under the direction of Zumba® instructors. Show up by 9:30 AM at the gym for last chance registration and get warmed up. Your registration fee includes a Sean’s Run Zumbathon® Shirt if you are among the first 60 to sign up for the Zumbathon®, and a nice spread of refreshments after.

What about the Bike Rides on Saturday?
Open to anyone who enjoys riding a bike and is 13 years or over (sorry, no one under 18 in our 50-mile bike ride). There were 220 bicyclists in our inaugural Rides.  We host three non-competitive rides starting from the Chatham Fair Grounds and ending up at Chatham HS. Refreshments served on the course and at the finish. The ride back to fairgrounds from school is less than ½ mile. Ride choices include a 50-Mile Ride that goes off at 8:30 AM. Arrive 7:30 – 8:15 AM for last chance registration and packet pick up. This is a moderately challenging course for experienced riders, of any speed. Also we will host an easier 20-mile Ride that goes off at 10 AM. Arrive at 9:00 – 9:45 for last chance registration and packet pick up.  Our 10-mile bike ride atarts at 10:30 AM and registration and packet pick-up for this ride is from 9:30 AM -10:30 AM. The registration fee includes a Sean’s Run Bike Ridet-shirt and commerative badge if you are among the first 250 to register for the Bike Rides.  

What is Jaime's Race for People with Special Needs?
Sean’s Run is unique because we offer people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the fun and excitement of a road race. Our fun and safe group run for people with developmental disabilities goes off at 12 noon on Saturday. These athletes inspire all of us. Each participant enjoys all the same amenities as participants in all the 5K and Mile the following day. There is no fee to enter. We are assisted by the Albany Miracle League. This event is in memory of Jaime Adams (Rensselaer, NY) who was the first entrant in our innaugural special needs race.

What is the World Championship Battle of the Belts?
It is a fun seatbelt buckling contest for middle school and high school youth that is scheduled at 11:00 AM, Sunday, before Meghan’s Mile and the 5K. It is designed to increase use of seatbelts by young people because we know that car crashes are the number one cause of death for teens and that nearly 2/3 of those who perish were not using seatbelts.

What is the Prevention Education Expo?
Held in the gymnasium prior to the 5k and Meghan's Mile on Sunday, it includes exhibits and booths set up by numerous organizations that provide information and services to educate and protect our young people from the dangers of alcohol, other drugs and tobacco. These organizations promote positive youth development and decision making.

Can I register on Saturday?
YES. If you want to participate in one of the Saturday activities, just show up early to complete the registration forms and pay the entry fee.

Bike Rides last chance registration at the Chatham Fairgrounds is 7:30 AM – 8:15 AM for the 50-Mile Ride and 9 AM – 9:45 AM for the 20-Mile ride and 9:30 AM -10:30 AM for the 10-MileRide.

Zumbathon® last chance registration is at 9:30 AM at the MED Elementary School Gym.

If you want to participate in the 5K or Meghan’s Mile on Sunday, you can register on Saturday – 11 AM to1 PM at Chatham High School. But remember, entry fees go up after April 10.

Why should I pick up my 5k or Meghan’s Mile packet on Saturday?
You will be doing yourself a favor by avoiding the lines on Sunday and because we have a special incentive gift to give to the first 350 who show up on Saturday to pick up their packets or to register.

Can I register for the 5K or Meghan’s Mile on Sunday morning?
YES! Online registration is open until 1 hour before the start of your event. If you prefer to register the old fashioned way, arrive before 11:00am, fill out a Registration form, and pay by cash or check. Better come early! Remember – T-shirts only to the first 1,400 registrants.

Where do your entrants come from?
Though some come from further away, most participants are from a 10-county region: from Dutchess County in the south, to Washington and Warren County in the north, to Fulton and Schoharie County in the west and Berkshire County (MA) in the east.

Chatham is easy to get to, less than an hour from Kingston / Poughkeepsie, just 40 minutes south of Albany and 25 minutes west of Pittsfield.

I want to support your cause – how can I contribute?
Because of the generosity of participants, contributors and sponsors, we have raised over $208,965 to fund scholarships and grants. Feel free to add a contribution to your entry fee, or send us a contribution or consider becoming an event sponsor. Every contributor will be recognized. Check out the Sponsorship/Contributions page at this website.

How do you recognize Victims and Survivors of Drunk Driving?
Sean’s Run Weekend was born out of the tragic death of a promising 17 year-old high school runner. Unfortunately there are many other individuals and families who have suffered losses because of drunk driving. We pay special tribute to all survivors/victims of drunk driving crashes and we remember all those who have lost their lives to this preventable tragedy.

People who have survived a crash, or have lost children, grandchildren, spouses, siblings or parents to alcohol-involved wrecks are our special guests. They are offered complimentary entry and are warmly welcomed to join the hundreds of walkers and runners who participate in Sean’s Run.

If it rains, is the event still on?
Sean’s Run is a rain or shine event. April showers, or downpours, will not deter us and will not dampen the spirit of this event! A couple of years ago it poured and despite the rain we had 250 walk-in registrations that morning!
We have had no weather-related cancellations to-date. But, if severe weather affects Sean’s Run Weekend, we will promptly announce it on this web site and our facebook page. Bookmark and check back regularly.

Can I register online using a credit card?
YES! And that’s the best and easiest way to register – you’ll save the cost of the stamp and a trip to the mailbox. Plus you’ll get immediate confirmation of your entry. Last year most of our entrants used our online registration option.

Can I register my family online?
YES, each family member can be registered as part of a family online. This is for two parents, and their children under age 18.

What time is packet pick up for the 5K and Meghan’s Mile on Saturday?
From 11 AM to1 PM at Chatham High School.

What time should I arrive on Sunday?
If you have your Bib # - We suggest that you are at Chatham High School no later than 11:00 AM. Note that there is no parking at Chatham High School on Sean's Run Weekend. Park at Chatham Fairgrounds and allow at least 10 minutes for the walk to Chatham High.

Meghan's Mile goes off at 11:30 AM, the 5K run / walk at 12:00 Noon.

If you still need to register on Sunday – We suggest you arrive no later than 10:30 AM.

Can I skip standing in line to get my T-shirt before the races on Sunday?
No. Since you MUST get your Bib number with timing chip before going to the starting line, take a few moments more to pick up your shirt also before the run / walk.

What are the 5K and Mile courses like?
It’s a fun course! We’ve seen some 80-plus year olds in the mile and in the 5K! Plus, we had some disabled entrants, stroke victims, and participants in wheel chairs. And the course is not all downhill!

Both Meghan's Mile and the 5K start and finish at Chatham High School. Both courses are certified by USATF as being accurately measured. The courses traverse charming streets in the Village of Chatham. You’ll be greeted by friendly cheers of spectators and hear music along the course.

Check out the course map. >> Coming soon

What are the bike rides like?
Each ride offers a fun ride through scenic Columbia County. See the descriptions of each route here.

Can I ride a bike or roller blade in the 5K or Mile race?
NO! Definitely not! Bicyclists are invited to the Saturday Bike rides. Baby strollers are allowed only in the 5k and Meghan's Mile, but must line up in back at the start.

If I sign up and don't end up running in the 5K or Mile, can I give my Bib number with my personal timing chip to another runner?
No. Please don’t. Here’s the problem: If for example some 17 year high school boy is given his 40 something mom’s bib and chip, the results will be incorrect, then will take a long time to untangle why the times are so odd. So, please, don’t give your number to someone else. Ask them to register like you did!

What happens on Sunday morning before the 5K?
Be sure to be at Chatham High School no later than 11:00 AM. Allow sufficient time to park, and walk from your car at Chatham Fairgrounds to the high school. There is no parking at Chatham High School on Sean's Run Weekend. Park at Chatham Fairgrounds and allow at least 10 minutes for the walk to Chatham High.

Go to the high school gym. There you will get your bib with your personal chip timing device, then take your bib to the T-shirt distribution table in the gym where you will be given a T-shirt if you are among the first 1,200 to register.

Also, you can check out our Prevention Educational Expo in the high school gymnasium featuring a variety of exhibitors offering suggestions and materials aimed at reducing risky behaviors of teenagers. Before Meghan's Mile you can watch the World Championship Battle of the Belts.

What is the schedule on Sunday?
Packet pick up for Meghan'sMile entrants opens at 9:00 AM, and for 5K entrants at 10:00 AM

  • The Prevention Educational Expo opens in
    the gymnasium at 9:00 AM

  • At 10:45 AM we introduce the winners of our Grants and Scholarships

  • Grants are awarded to youth groups, schools, MADD and RID chapters selected through our Request for Proposals process. Applications were due by December 1st to be considered for funding. See our Grants page at our website for more information.

  • The Sean Patrick French Memorial Scholarships are awarded to college bound seniors from throughout the region. A selected athlete from Columbia County will be presented the Sean Patrick French “Love of Running” Scholarship. A runner from NYSPHSAA Section II will be presented the Sean Patrick French “Good Sportsmanship” Scholarship, and a student from Chatham High School will be presented the Sean Patrick French Chatham HS Scholarship. See our Scholarships page at this website for more information.

  • At 11:00 AM the World Championship Battle of the Belts is conducted.

  • At 11:30 AM Meghan'sMile goes off.

  • At 12 Noon the 5K starts.

Will 5K and Meghan’s Mile results be available?
Our website will have the results posted at our website by 3 PM on race day and will be published in the Register Star the following Tuesday morning.

Are there Awards for the 5K and Meghan’s Mile?
Yes. We will be presenting custom awards to the top male and female as well as top three males and females in each age-group for both Meghan’s Mile and the 5K. Meghan'sMile awards will be presented at 12:00 noon, and 5K awards can be picked up as soon as results are posted.

What special features should I not miss this year?
Two days of fun! Register for both days and you’ll get two great T-shirts specially designed for the events that you participate in.  Also - Saturday 5K and Meghan’s Mile Packet Pick Up! The first 350 to show between 11 AM  and1 PM on Saturday – the day before the 5K and Meghan's Mile, will receive a special incentive - Gator’s Gift. Jaime's Race for People with Special Needs, will take place at 12 noon on Saturday. This event provides an opportunity for people with various disabilities to enjoy the fun of Sean’s Run. Also, on Sunday check out the World Championship Battle of the Belts, a seatbelt bucking contest for teens, takes place at 11 AM, before Meghan's Mile.

What is the Safety Tree?
Sean’s Run is the organizational impetus that commenced the Columbia-Greene Counties Safety Tree, located at Columbia Memorial Hospital, which serves as a living, permanent memorial to those who lost their lives due to drunk/impaired drivers. Sean’s Run has become much more that a well-organized 5K.





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