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Scholarships Overview

Grants Application

Recognition of Grant & Scholarship Winners

scholoarship winners

Dates/Schedule: Sunday, April 29
9:30 AM – Grant Winners and Scholarship Winners to arrive at Chatham HS, get Bib #s and T-shirts inside gym, sign in at Battle of Belts Tent, visit Prevention Education Expo
10:00 AM – Group Photos of Scholarship and grant winners at Battle of Belts Tent
10:15 AM – Grant winners and Scholarship winners Introduced at Battle of Belts Tent

Money raised at Sean’s Run goes to two specific interests:

  1. Grants to schools and youth groups to implement programs to combat underage drinking, impaired driving and lax use of seatbelts by teenagers
  2. Scholarships to deserving college bound seniors.

As of 2017, Sean’s Run had awarded $219,640 in grants and scholarships.

2017 Grant Winners

2017 Scholarship winners




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