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Sean’s Run Weekend is dedicated to the memory of Christopher S. Bascom, 16, of East Greenbush, NY who was killed while riding his bike just 1/10th of a mile from his home by a drunk driver with 5 prior DWI-related convictions on Veteran’s Day 2003.

Christopher is remembered for his loyalty, love, and devotion to family and friends. At Columbia High School he was a an outstanding volleyball player, ran indoor track and was involved in S.A.D.D. Christopher is the son of Amy B. Plantz and Brian S. Bascom, step son of Bob Plantz; stepbrother of Nicole Molinski and Shawn Plantz.

Christopher Scott Bascom was born in Buffalo, NY on December 1, 1986, but lived most of his life in the East Greenbush area where he attended the East Greenbush Central School District schools. He was in his junior year at Columbia High when he died so tragically. On the evening of November 11, 2003, he was struck by a hit and run driver as he was riding his bike home; he passed away the next morning.

However, these basic facts aren’t the important aspects of Christopher’s life, rather it was his spirit which truly defined him! He was a loveable, friendly, and gorgeous child who matured into a happy, sociable, kind, and loving teenager. His golden smile and magnificent blue eyes were uniquely a part of him as were his infectious sense of humor and genuine warmth. He had an uncanny ability to brighten a room and make people laugh. He possessed great enthusiasm and was able to motivate and encourage others. Chris loved to help people and make people happy. He was a willing listener and never hesitated to offer a compassionate word to those in need. His greatest attributes of all, however, were his loyalty, love, and devotion to family and friends.

As with everyone, Christopher developed his own specific interests. He intensely liked sports-both as a participant and as a spectator. He especially loved the Boston Red Sox which became his lifelong passion! He loved playing volleyball; receiving the “Mr. Hustle Award” from his fellow teammates was a high point for him as was being chosen a Capital District Select Volleyball Team member. He also enjoyed “pick-up” basketball games with friends and family and participating in other outdoor sports including badminton and swimming-he even had a chance to try his hand at surfing! He found great pleasure in bike riding, jogging, and skateboarding, as well as participating in less strenuous activities such as backgammon, darts, and board and card games. Chris loved to eat, and savored a variety of foods, but, to him, nothing beat a peanut butter/jelly and potato chip sandwich accompanied by chocolate milk!

Christopher also had many other interests and talents. He was somewhat of a computer/Internet whiz and enjoyed corresponding with family and friends via E-mail and instant messaging. In school he maintained an 85 GPA. His highest grades were in history in which he displayed a profound interest, not only through school and personal reading, but also by going on fun and informative trips with his grandparents. He enjoyed listening to music, and proved to be creative and artistic in his own right. Inspired by his passion for rhyming and Rap music, he authored many poems and rap-type compositions-most of which were tinged with humor and wit. In fact, writing was but one of Chris’ creative talents.

Quoting a clergyman helps sum up Christopher. He describes him at age five as “…outgoing, and eager to learn, a friend to everybody, a volunteer helper, smart-but not smart-alecky, confident-but not cocky, and active-but not hyper.” Then, fast forward to his comments regarding Chris as a teenager: “…unselfishness unusual in a sixteen year old, kindness uncharacteristic of a teen, character more mature than many adults, the wonder of a kindergartener, the eagerness of a child.” Christopher was, indeed, all of this and so much more.




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