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Dear Fellow Victim/Survivor,

We have each endured great pain and sorrow because of drunk driving. In just a “moment in time” our lives were changed forever. For us, that moment came on January 1, 2002 when our beloved 17-year old son, Sean, was killed. He was a passenger in a car driven by an intoxicated teenager. Sean, the younger of our two sons, possessed a contagious and loving spirit for life, but in a spilt second his precious life was extinguished.

Time has strengthened our coping skills, but it will never erase the haunting memories of that moment, or take away the pain we carry within our hearts every day. We have discovered, however, that by sharing the story of his life and remembering him with others, Sean remains a part of our lives.

We have also discovered that all of us, the victims and survivors of similar tragedies, share a special bond. We identify with each others’ feelings and experiences.

That’s why we are inviting you to participate in our Tribute to Victims and Survivors of Drunk Driving at Sean’s Run, at Chatham High School. This will be a simple, but heartening, get-together as part of a community event that focuses on the problems of underage drinking and impaired driving.

If you have lost a child, spouse, grandchild, sibling or parent, or any relative, or if you have been injured by an impaired driver, please join us. Just submit a completed registration form to let us know you will be attending. There is no charge to participate

When you arrive on the day of the event, be sure to ask for one of our memorial / dedication placards to inscribe the name of the person you want to honor that day. We hope you will wear the placard, pinned to the back of your shirt, as you join hundreds of walkers / runners in the 5K or Mile.

We look forward to greeting you. Together we will send a loud message about the need to stop drunk driving. Please call us if you have any questions at 518-392-5483.

Mark and Cathy French
Sean’s Run Committee




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